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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, NekturLAB Aesthetics Denver is excited to a part of it and would love to hear all about your big day!


We work with you well ahead of time to customize the exact results you desire for your wedding day & pre/post wedding activities

Let these be one less thing you have to worry about on a day that is focused simply on love

Call NekturLAB Aesthetics Denver at (720) 583-3806 today for more information on scheduling

10 Week Glowing Bride or Groom Skin Bootcamp

Pre wedding skincare is going to add to the glow you will be exuding while tying the knot. Smooth and clear skin is the foundation for a perfect makeup application and for presenting your best! 


Our bootcamp consists of a thorough skin analysis to determine the best results driven treatment plan for you

The skincare bootcamp is a series of custom treatments, light therapy & facials in the 10 weeks leading up to your wedding and will require regular maintenance at home as well. 

Our Glowing Skin Bootcamp is going to give you the flawless skin you desire for your special day

Let us help you be your most confident self, while walking down the aisle!

5 Week Wedding Lash Deluxe 


Five weeks is a great amount of time to custom create a perfect look for your big day!


Lash extensions will enhance your natural beauty and can be as simple or dramatic as you’d like. They will make your eyes stand out effortlessly in all of your photos and you’ll never have to worry about any mascara smudging or smearing, clumpy lashes, or strips not adhering properly even if you tear up a little

The Wedding Lash Deluxe includes a Full Lash Set*, the flexibility of two 2 week refills to get the look right and a 1 week touch up to make sure your lashes are at their fullest on the wedding day itself 

***You also have the option to upgrade to the Maximum Set or request a volume add-on at any time

Bridal Wax Party

Would you like waxing for you & your bridal party?

NekturLAB Aesthetics Denver would love to host a bridal event, complete with refreshments and champagne!

The bride will receive $ off for each lady participating or is free with 5+ guests



Call 720-583-3806 or email  to discuss availability, pricing & further details for bridal plans  

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