Lash extensions are a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by thickening, lengthening and adding definition to your existing lashes

Every person is unique, so we create a custom set for your facial structure, eye shape and desired outcome

​Your natural lashes are a top priority, we care greatly about the integrity of your natural lashes and will protect your lash health​ while you are wearing extensions

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Intro Set | 65 min 
  • Lashes are placed on every other lash to enhance your natural look

  • A lighter set, great for first timers to see if lash extensions are a good fit

Full Set | 125 min
  • Lashes are placed on every full grown, natural lash to create a glamorous mascara look

Maximum Set | 155 min

  • Lashes are placed on every possible lash using different lengths and weights to maintain a safe but dramatic set

  • Fullest of the classic lashes


Touch of Volume

  • Approximately 5-6 volume lashes on each eye, adding a boost of 15-18 more lashes than classic

Full Hybrid Set

  • Volume lashes on every other lash,  in between each classic lash creating a fluffy full texture

        *Book in addition to your chosen set

1 Week | 35 min

  • Any time within 7 days from previous session

2 Week | 45 min

  • Any time within 14 days from previous session

3 Week | 55 min

  • Any time within 21 days from previous session

4 Week | 65 min

  • Any time within 28 days from previous session

5 Week +

  • After 28 days a full set will be required


Lash and hair growth is different for each person and will affect how often the natural lash sheds. When your lash naturally sheds, the extensions will fall out with that lash. To maintain a full appearance it is recommended you get a refill to replace the lash extensions that have fallen out.

*A new set may be required if more than 70% of the original lashes are gone

regardless of time frame

Hybrid Fill 

  • Volume lashes on every other lash,  in between each classic lash creating a fluffy full texture

        *Book in addition to your chosen fill


Lash Removal | 45 min 

  • Removal of a full or partial set

  • Guests with damaged lashes from another studio can apply $25 of removal fee towards a new set of their choice

*As to not compromise your safety and the quality and guarantee of our lash work, NekturLAB Aesthetics reserves the right to not fill damaged sets obtained from other studios after examination


Intro Set + One 2 Week Refill

Full Set + Two 2 Week Refills

Full Set + Four 2 Week Refills

5 Week Wedding Deluxe

  • Full Set + Two  2 Week Refills + One 1 Week


Two 2 Week Refills

Four 1 Week Refills

Four 2 Week Refills

Four 3 Week Refills