**Prices are estimates and subject to change due to unique circumstances or larger areas

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  • Wrinkles or lines that are above the eyebrow bone

Brow Lift

  • Creates a higher arch of the brow and lifts eye area

Frown Lines (Glabellar)

  • The vertical lines that are in between the brow (11's)

Upper Eye Lift

  • Targets the eye area, getting rid of drooping and sagging

Lower Eye Lift

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging in the under eye area

Upper & Lower Eye Lift

  • Done at two separate appts, at least 7 days of each other

Crows Feet

  • Fine lines and  wrinkles along the outer corners of the eyes

Cheek Lift

  • Covers the entire cheek area

Nose (Rhinoplasma / Non surgical rhinoplasty)

  • Nose correction, symmetry and narrowing

Ear Lobes

  • Shrinking and tightening the lobe

Smile Lines (Nasolabial)

  • Wrinkles or lines that frame the mouth

Marionette Lines

  • Wrinkles or lines that frame the chin


Upper Lip

  • Vertical line wrinkles above lip (smoker lines)

Lower Lip

  • Accentuates the bottom lip due to thinning or disproportion


Lip Flip

  • Accentuates the upper lip creating a fuller and lifted lip

Lip Flip & Filler

  • The ultimate combo for full, perfect pout lips 


  • Sagging skin that runs along side of the jaw line

Neck Lines

  • Horizontal lines that run across the neck (neck rings)

Full Neck Lift

  • Targets lines and lifts sagging skin on the neck area

Mini Face Lift

  • Pulls the skin taught on either side by the ear

Full Face Lift

  • Targets multiple areas on face to be done at separate appts

Acne Scarring

  • Consultation required

SkinTightening Body.jpg


**Prices are estimates and subject to change due to unique circumstances

   or larger areas

Stretch Marks

  • Treats scars from stretched skin anywhere on body

Upper Arm Lift

  • Lifts the areas of the arm where it is sagging


  • The drooping skin right above the elbow


  • Wrinkles or loose skin on the top of the hand


  • Fine lines and wrinkles in between the breasts

Breast Lift

  • Pulls the breast up by tightening the top skin​

Belly Button 

  • In and around the belly button

Full Stomach​
  • Covers the entire tummy area lifting any sagging skin

Inner Thighs

  • Lifts the area where it is sagging


  • Tightens the loose skin above the kneecap


  • Treats scars anywhere on the body



  • Consultation required


Red Light Therapy

  • 15 Minutes of Red Light Therapy on area immediately after plasma pen treatment

  • Red Light speeds wound healing and decreases pain & inflammation. Red Light Therapy has proven to be a safe, natural way to speed up the healing process for burns and wounds 

High Frequency

  • 5-10 Minutes of High Frequency done on area at fibroblast follow up appointment

  • High Frequency wands using Argon gas enhance blood circulation, promote an anti-bacterial environment, reduce inflammation and improve cellular turnover​