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Spot Plasma



Spot Plasma skin tightening is a non-invasive alternative to surgery that utilizes plasma in the form of gas to tighten and eliminate excess volume in sagging skin. This procedure can be done on any area of the body and is amazing for eye-lifts, tummy tightening, lip flips, wrinkles/fine lines, face lifts, neck lifts, acne scar resurfacing, stretch marks and so much more.

The plasma arc creates micro injuries to the skin, heating it from beneath. The skin cells shrink as it heats up, tightening around these micro-perforations and stimulating collagen production – a naturally occurring protein that helps keep skin supple – which results in smoother skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles.



**Prices are estimates and subject to change due to unique circumstances or larger areas

face target points.jpg


  • Wrinkles or lines that are above the eyebrow bone

Brow Lift

  • Creates a higher arch of the brow and lifts eye area

Frown Lines (Glabellar)

  • The vertical lines that are in between the brow (11's)

Upper Eye Lift

  • Targets the eye area, getting rid of drooping and sagging

Lower Eye Lift

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging in the under eye area

Upper & Lower Eye Lift

  • Done at two separate appts, at least 7 days of each other

Crows Feet

  • Fine lines and  wrinkles along the outer corners of the eyes

Cheek Lift

  • Covers the entire cheek area

Nose (Rhinoplasma / Non surgical rhinoplasty)

  • Nose correction, symmetry and narrowing

Ear Lobes

  • Shrinking and tightening the lobe

Smile Lines (Nasolabial)

  • Wrinkles or lines that frame the mouth

Marionette Lines

  • Wrinkles or lines that frame the chin


Upper Lip

  • Vertical line wrinkles above lip (smoker lines)

Lower Lip

  • Accentuates the bottom lip due to thinning or disproportion


Lip Flip

  • Accentuates the upper lip creating a fuller and lifted lip

Lip Flip & Filler

  • The ultimate combo for full, perfect pout lips 


  • Sagging skin that runs along side of the jaw line

Neck Lines

  • Horizontal lines that run across the neck (neck rings)

Full Neck Lift

  • Targets lines and lifts sagging skin on the neck area

Mini Face Lift

  • Pulls the skin taught on either side by the ear

Full Face Lift

  • Targets multiple areas on face to be done at separate appts

Acne Scarring

  • Consultation required

SkinTightening Body.jpg


**Prices are estimates and subject to change due to unique circumstances

   or larger areas

Stretch Marks

  • Treats scars from stretched skin anywhere on body

Upper Arm Lift

  • Lifts the areas of the arm where it is sagging


  • The drooping skin right above the elbow


  • Wrinkles or loose skin on the top of the hand


  • Fine lines and wrinkles in between the breasts

Breast Lift

  • Pulls the breast up by tightening the top skin​

Belly Button 

  • In and around the belly button

Full Stomach​
  • Covers the entire tummy area lifting any sagging skin

Inner Thighs

  • Lifts the area where it is sagging


  • Tightens the loose skin above the kneecap


  • Treats scars anywhere on the body



  • Consultation required


Red Light Therapy

  • 15 Minutes of Red Light Therapy on area immediately after plasma pen treatment

  • Red Light speeds wound healing and decreases pain & inflammation. Red Light Therapy has proven to be a safe, natural way to speed up the healing process for burns and wounds 

High Frequency

  • 5-10 Minutes of High Frequency done on area at fibroblast follow up appointment

  • High Frequency wands using Argon gas enhance blood circulation, promote an anti-bacterial environment, reduce inflammation and improve cellular turnover​

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