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No Needle Lip Filler

The Hyaluron pen uses pressurized air to distribute lip filler gel evenly throughout the lip without any needles

Our knowledge on facial symmetry and expertly trained techniques allow us to properly and safely Balance, Plump and Accentuate your pout in all the right ways

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First Time Filler


Lip filler is buildable and requires at least two back to back services for it to not be metabolized. The first time filler service includes up to 1ML filler injected into the lips and a follow up service in 7-10 days to layer in additional filler

Maintenance Filler

When volume is lost after 6-9 months or the body metabolizes it, routine maintenance is required to keep desired look and fullness

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  • How is this different than traditional lip fillers?
    Traditional lip filler is distributed through a needle, creating pockets throughout the lip. Needle-less filler is distributed through a spray technique, which is evenly distributed throughout the lip.
  • What are the lips infused with?
    Enter your answer hereHyaluronic Acid is a Natural Sugar that is already present within our bodies. It is Extremely moisturizing & attracts water Molecules. As we age, we naturally lose Hyaluronic acid. This Product is commonly found in traditional needle fillers.
  • Does it hurt? Will I have to be numbed?
    During a procedure with the Hyaluron Pen, you can expect little to no pain. There is no Numbing necessary. Rather than using needles to inject the filler, pressure is used to fill the area.
  • How long does it last?
    Everyone is different but on average, 4+ months. Clients with high metabolisms & lifestyles could adsorb at a faster rate and may need more frequent visits to maintain. Our suggestion is to stay hydrated! Some clients prefer to come every couple of months for a "touchup" or to keep building, others wait a full 6+ months until completely dissolved. The desired look of each client varies & we can create an individual plan for you!
  • Can I get this treatment if I already have filler?
    Yes! All Filler is buildable so even if you have had traditional lip filler in the past, you can still switch to this method. We require at least two weeks from your last filler appointment.
  • What should I expect afterwards?
    After Hyaluron Pen injections, you may notice minimal swelling. Much less than traditional fillers. There is no downtime and you may resume all activities. Bruising is unlikely, but can happen. Tiny bumps are common in many, But are usually completely gone in a couple of days.
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