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Frequently Asked Waxing Questions

What kind of wax do you use?                                                              

We use both hard and soft wax in our studio. Hard wax is used for smaller, areas such as the nose and ear areas. Soft wax is used for all other areas such as bikini, brows, legs, or back and is removed with strips. Both types of wax are high quality, low temperature and are suitable for all areas and skin types; they adhere to the hair rather than the skin for maximum guest comfort. The waxes are formulated with the finest ingredients and are perfect for both male and female waxing treatments. 

Is waxing sanitary?                                                                                  

At Nek-tur lash & beauty your health and safety during services is a top priority! We take every precaution to maintain high sanitation standards in the studio. We never double dip our sticks into the wax and we always wear gloves.

How long should my hair be before waxing?                                      

Hair should be about ¼ - ½ inch long for the waxing service to be effective in grabbing onto the hairs. This is about 2-4 weeks waiting time from when you last shaved.

​Does waxing hurt?                                                                                   

Since everyone’s pain tolerance differs, it is on a case by case basis. Some areas are more sensitive than others and may be a bit more painful. You can use aspirin or ibuprofen for pain management which should help minimize discomfort; consult with your physician to make sure these medications are okay for you. Consistent, continued waxing encourages the hairs to grow back less and also finer which will help in diminishing pain.

Does it really matter if I'm using certain medication?                        

Yes! Many medications and treatments (chemical peels, laser etc.) can compromise the integrity of your skin, making it weak and or thin. It is strongly advised you consult with your physician if you have any questions or doubts about your current medication interacting with your skin health. Compromised skin can lead to lifting and bruising during a wax treatment which can take time to heal. At Nek-tur lash & beauty we cannot wax you if you are currently using Accutane or Retinol products such as Retin A or Renova on areas you’d like waxed.

Is there anything I should avoid before or after waxing?                   

Before coming in for a waxing service you should avoid sun exposure, tanning, and harsh skin treatments. It is also recommended you begin exfoliating several days prior to your service.

For the first 24-48 hours following your waxing service you will need to:

  • Keep area dry and cool

  • Avoid rigorous activity and sweat

  • No standing water such as pools or baths


How should I care for my freshly waxed area?                                    

In between waxes, after 48hrs, keep area well exfoliated to avoid ingrown hairs and to promote proper, even growth. It is advised to not shave in between waxing appointments, so you can get better, longer results the following time.​

How often will I need to wax?                                                                

Individual hair growth varies, but on average you will need to wax every 4 weeks for optimum results.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?                                         

No, hair that is removed from the root, like during waxing, will actually grow back finer and softer over time.

Can I still get waxed if I am pregnant?                                                  

Absolutely! We help make our pregnant clients feel as comfortable as possible during their waxing services

Will there be a price difference if I don't have much hair?                

Our prices reflect the service being provided, not the amount of hair. Price will stay as is regardless of less or more hair.

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