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Frequently Asked Lash Questions

What are lash extensions?                                                                    

Lash extensions are a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by thickening, lengthening and adding definition to your existing lashes. Extensions are made of a synthetic fiber and are a simpler, safe and stunning alternative to mascara and strip lashes. Wake up radiant and ready for your day!

How are lash extensions applied?                                                        

Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions are lash like strands that are applied one by one onto each of your natural lashes. They are adhered will a small amount of glue per lash. Note: they are not applied to the skin. After the application your new lash extensions should feel natural and weightless!

​How do I take care of my lash extensions?                                         

Lash extensions are easy and effortless! Follow the subsequent guidelines as what to avoid and wash your lash line frequently to keep your lashes clean and healthy

  • Keep dry and away from water and sweat for 24 hrs

  • Avoid steam and strong heat as it can melt or distort the lash extensions

  • Do not use any oil or oil based products on or around the lashes

  • Use only water based products for cosmetics, skincare and lotions

  • Do not rub, pick or tug at lashes

  • It is strongly advised you do not apply mascara to your lashes; do not use waterproof mascara

  • Not intended for eyelash curlers of any kind

  • Thoroughly wash lash line daily with a water based cleanser such as the LashPure Cleanser

  • Lightly brush lashes daily to keep them neat and orderly

How should I prepare for my lash appoinment?                                

It is preferred that you arrive fresh faced with no eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara) on for your lash appointment. In the event that you are coming from work etc. and cannot wash your face prior with a mild, water based cleanser, please allow enough time to clean your lashes while at the studio before your scheduled appointment as to not affect your service time.​

How long do lash extensions last?                                                       

When properly cared for your lash extensions will last the length of your natural lash growth and shedding cycle. As your natural lashes normally fall out, the extensions will shed along with them and will be replaced by a new lash.  Depending on lifestyle, activity and routine, most people will lose about 3-5 lashes per day. Refills will help maintain your eyelash extensions to keep them looking fresh, full, nice and even.

Do lash extensions harm your natural lash?                                       

When lash extensions are applied safely and properly by a licensed, trained professional, lash extensions will not do harm to your natural lashes. At Nek-tur lash & beauty we care greatly about the integrity of your natural lashes and will protect your lash health. Wearing lash extensions can assist the natural lashes in being stronger and healthier than before by minimizing the daily stress you would have otherwise put on your natural lashes by applying and removing coats of mascara or strip lashes.

Is the lash extension glue safe?                                                            

Nek-tur lash and beauty has sought out the best, high quality adhesives in the industry to maximize the safety for both guest and technician. Our adhesive is low fume, latex and formaldehyde free and long lasting.

Do lash extensions create infections?                                                  

Lash extensions do not create infections, but improper aftercare does! Debris and oil can build up in your lash line producing bacteria on a daily basis. Make sure you are following all guidelines and washing your lashes and lash line every day with an appropriate cleanser such as the LashPure Cleanser made specifically for eyelash extensions and eyelash health or a mild, foaming, water based cleanser. Although it would seem in your best interest to get the extensions wet as little as possible, it is absolutely crucial to wash your lashes; it is the extension wearers’ responsibility to take proper care of the extensions at home on a daily basis.

Do I need to take a break from lash extensions?                                

If lash extensions are properly applied and cared for and your natural lash health is optimum, there should be no need to take a break from receiving lash extensions as your natural lash will shed, taking the extension with it keeping a healthy cycle going.




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