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At NekturLAB we are dedicated to YOU

Every beauty session begins with a consultation with our expert esthetician to discover the perfect plan for your unique needs at our private studio


We are committed in finding the highest quality, clean ingredients and products to enhance your natural beauty and wellness


Our standards maintain a high level of excellence with specialized training for the best results and in keeping a disinfected and sanitary environment for your maximum comfort and health

Your challenges are our victories; let us help you be the most confident you!

Call NekturLAB Aesthetics Denver at (720) 583-3806 to schedule today

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We use the plasma pen to target your loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles and zap them back into collagen producing areas

The process is quick and instantly effective requiring minimal downtime. Suitable for areas on the face, neck and body

We use the latest, certified techniques so you get the lift and tightening that you desire

The Hyaluron pen uses pressurized air to distribute lip filler gel evenly throughout the lip without any needles

Our knowledge on facial symmetry and expertly trained techniques allow us to properly and safely Balance, Plump and Accentuate your pout in all the right ways

Custom lashes for your facial structure and eye shape

We offer the highest quality, boutique eyelash extensions and products. Our lashes and glue are not only luxury, but practical with excellent performance

We will always make your natural lashes a top priority, and will never compromise your lash health

We are committed to keeping up with the best products and continued education so that we can give our guests the very best 100% of the time

We can assist you in starting a new wax regimen to keep your skin smooth and those unwanted hairs away

We use high quality, low temperature waxes suitable for all areas and skin types that adhere to the hair rather than the skin for maximum guest comfort

 The waxes are formulated with the finest ingredients and are perfect for both male and female waxing treatments

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Stay In Touch!

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